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with 22 leaders to discuss the diplomatic angle of this and president obama in brazil said u.s. will provide lime -- limited mission to disable air systems. the president says the u.s. will act to support military action by a quote, broad coalition of countries. he says the u.s. will not be deploying ground troops to libya. the president says the us cuss not stand, quote, idley by has gaddafi tacks his own people. >> do you agree with casey mcfarland is that that it's all or nothing now? >> it's interpreting resolution 1973 if the mission is to stop gaddafi from taking benghazi it's been done fu. bu if the mission is about a regime change, let's talk about regime change, means we'll control the air and hit forces on the ground. and we'll rely on the opposition forces, those forces today in benghazi. the question, can they march? under our air support to tripoli to bring down gaud? the second question, what is gaddafi's plan? >> geraldo: no. they knlt. it's one thing to have kids with ak 47s shooting and celebrating and another thing to take on the two we know he has two tough,
not been -- i have not seen any new statements coming out from the u.s. west coast and alaska. i haven't seen anything coming out. however, i would not at all assume that doesn't mean there won't be a tsunami or some significant waves moving here. i think there is a very good chance of that. they are still reviewing it to see how strong it is and to see if it will travel that far, but there is a very good chance that be will see some of that energy make its way up toward the west coast. last year with the earthquake in chile, and there was a very significant tsunami across the chilean coast. but we saw waves as for as long beach, california, water rises of two to three feet. these travel long distances, and we saw it travel from chiel he up to the west -- chile up to the west coast. i think we will see something along that order across the west coast. but no official statement has come out yet. >> thank you so much for joining us. we will be coming back to you again. >>> right now we are receiving word that japan is sending troops to these areas that have been hit. we have been looking
this guy, bob. in your book he talks about -- this is an amazing story. u.s. news and world report, a failing magazine. nobody reads it, and it became this machine. it does a ranking every year, right? >> it started off as a news magazine and they did the college rankings as sort of a side thing. and they made so much money from it. now the news magazine doesn't exist anymore. they do the rankings. everybody in college with the college industry, the higher education or whatever you call it hates the u.s. news rankings. and this is a guy who does it every year and he is very small guy, and he will go to these conferences and people will start abusing him from the stage and calling him names and say, you are what's wrong with our profession. when the rankings come out, all of these people are running around going, look, we went up two notches. >> it is the same with movie critics. you hate them if they are bad and love them if they are good. by ranking the colleges and turning education into a product and making the students consumers, did u.s. news and world report make colleges bet
crystal be will be the judge of that. why are women from china coming to the u.s. to have babys? why america could be facing big trouble in little chinese. and donald trump proves he is more than a guy whose businesses go bankrupt as he digs himself deeper into a bigger hole. what is going on under his hair, straight ahead. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> happy lemon chiffon cake day. >> the secret is beating the egg white separate from the yolk and using vegetable oil instead of shortening. >> many question the difference between lemon cake and lemon chiffon cake is the oil. it produces a lighter, moister texture. >> chiffon cake was invented by an insurance agent. i don't know about you, but it is good to see he put a premium on cakes. >> i believe you are speaking of the apartmently named harry baker, greg. >> your face is a pie of pain. >> i apologize for nothing. >> go away. let's welcome our guests. >>> i'm here with mary smith. that's a great name. i tried to google it and came up with a million old ladies. i am not joking. who said, you said .com co-founder. she is so sharp she
is hanging on by his manicured fingertips. fox news learned the air carrier is headed toward libya and u.s. forces would be asked to provide humanitarian relief. so we aren't ruling out the military option, but should we? peter binart at "the daily beast" whatever that is, is looking at lessons from the cold war writing, quote, as a democracy facing an economically destitute tierney, the u.s. could afford to wait. nile gardener, what a name, writes in a telegraph that president obama's timid policy is an embarassment saying, quote, this administration has been all too willing to sacrifice u.s. leadership to sue pro national institutions such as the u.n whose track record and standing up to dictatorships has been nonexistent. the situation in libya raises the question, can you change a tire while driving? >> the sad part about that is i can't even change a tire when the car is like sedentary on a level road. these guys are doing it while the car is moving. i can't -- >> i don't understand why they cover their faces. >> they are driving to a tres incident. >> mike, why do you have to always
survey shows the u.s. has higher global approval ratings than china, russia, japan, france, and germany who i was surprised 20* hear were all still countries. every year gal lop asks people whether they approve of the performance of the leaders of the u.s. and six other unimportant nations. 25% disapproved and 21% did not know how to speak. germany was second followed by france and japan and russia's 27%. america's ranking is much higher than it was under the evil bush-hitly regime. in 2008 we ranked 6th proving once again that barack obama is the greatest president in the history of the world. perhaps the iewners have. -- universe and whatever con tans the universe and whatever contains that. isn't that right cat who snores like a human? >> i would have to move to the second bedroom. i bet you are going to tell me how great it is for americans to be popular. >> maybe there is somebody around this table who can bring up the ratings to over 50%. i'm sure you could lead the way. >> i would never announce the candidacy on "red eye." >> no, you wouldn't. >> are we better off now that we are
conference on this. all he said was the u.n's mission is humanitarian and the u.s. wants qaddafi out. he would not specify if we are there to get qaddafi out. no one knows what is going on. before we went to iraq there were a million questions. why are we going in, how will we be executed. none of the questions are being asked and that worries me. >> and the other thing is how he pronounced chile. i would say chile like the restaurant. >> and pakistan. this is what he does. >> and se instead of se. there is a point though. what is the goal here? he says that the inevitable goal is regime change. can that be the same thing? >> no, to diane's point, it has been frustrating. hillary clinton said one thing and obama said a number of things over the course of this catastrophe. unfortunately we come out looking really impotent, especially next to france, hate to say it. but it is shocking how little leadership there is on there. >> i spend a lot of time bashing it. i am with diana on this one. in his campaign he said he wasn't going to jump into anything. it took awhile. it took awhile to get
to move on? libya's success is based on three things, u.s. lack of spying, b, no social networking that is allowing us to see what is going on there. and three, unfortunately and the tragedy in japan has taken the spotlight off qaddafi and has diverted our attentions which is deserved to be on japan away from that. but also obama told us america is not going to be the way we used to be. and he is showing us that, that we are no longer the leader. we are the observer. we sit on the fence, and maybe it works, mike. maybe you are are right. maybe it works. but in my mind, it seems like we are changing to be the people who don't care enough. >> it is not that we don't care enough. we are not in a position to get into this mess. i mean, let's face it. afghanistan, 10 years and nothing to show for it. you think we will have a democratic society in afghanistan two, five or six years for now? forget about it. >> but military action in libya doesn't have to be an allout war. >> as soon as you impose a no-fly zone you are in a military situation, no questions asked. that's what will happen.
monies and it is russia and the u.s. and neither are particularly excited to do. it it was forgotten after the uk's trading of the lockerbie bomber. but bush rehabilitated qaddafi in exchange for a news cycle. >> i will tell you though if we were selling fake democracies, we are engaged in two of those. >> but we are not. if you look at per empire it began in europe because people were starving. it began in the east because we needed to knock japan out of the war. america screws up. basically what you are saying is you will not be ebbs -- exceptional. and dillon, quote, when you are hired of yoorz and all of your creations, that applies to america. we don't believe we can do it -- >> we can't we have no revolution left in us. >> i love this country. >> i have to say, all i want out of this, jill, is to have qaddafi killed. i don't care about anything else simply because of the lockerbie thing. we can't do anything to him because we say it is urgent and then undecided it makes me sad. >> it is sad. i would love to rush in there and stop the problem. we may get in there and get stuck.
and catastrophe in japan and a budget battle in the u.s., his priorities are screwy. but there is more. on saturday obama hade his 873rd outing to the golf course as president. on friday he took time out to honor last year's stanley cup champion. and then he celebrated women's history month on his radio show and built the giant sandcastle. and then there was the ice sculpture he built for the wa b i scu t. eck itut mda hticipated i a hot dog eating contest. i guess he is in the back there. he won handily. you can say it has been a busy week for captain perfect. i didn't even mention the bear wrestling, but then again i guess i just did. should obama leave these childhood distractions? or is commander awesome allowed to have a life when there is so much strive? let's ask the action brothers gary and barry of the no help there because they are very busy. very busy indeed. you have the budget and libya. you have all of the stuff going on. you have to use the acro anymore, itwb, if it were bush, would people be raising hack kills? >> it would be a death come cackle. -- hackle. what is amaz
's red eye -- why am i yelling? return appearances from u.s. army special forces terry safford, the mean guy on the left. and suzanne sena and the great comedian joe derosa. it will be a good show. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> tucker, where can i go to fiend ut on how much federal employees really make? >> you can go to the daily coller. actually we have a great series coming up, one of our reporters is digging into how much more impressive their benefits r. >> i like chris moody. he does good work. >> oh please. >> he does. what the hell is going on at your website. >> people need to subscribe. i have amazing stuff in april. join now. >> how much does it cost to subscribe? >> zero dollars. free totally free. >> that's a horrible pay scale. >> i am welcoming everyone. john where can i go to yell at you? >> twitter .com slash back slash and you can at me and at me hard. >> bill, anything you want to say? >> oh i do have a delightful little front of the book item in maxim how to catch, kill -- and kill the bunny. a smaller version is funny and then call him fr
puppy. and sitting next to me, u.s. army special forces member terry safford. i love the objectiony clean detergent -- the oxy-clean detergent ball. >> it works. >> but i tie a string to it anyway. >> and our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> today's front page story, unearthed film footage from back in 1927. i remember israel well, see. he usinged my business section to clean up the doosie of a night with three girls and a strong bone player and a bad batch of gin. quiet, you. my intern, anything to hit. >> extra, extra, read all about it. >> that will do, porch. that will do. >> wow, i feel like i am in a faulkner play. >> i don't know what that means. >> me either. have we gone from embracing rambos to chasing rainbows? the four branches of the military have sent material to 200 troops in response to the end of "don't ask, don't tell." and the pointers could not be pontier. here is a sample from the pamphlet. quote, while shopping at the local mall, you observed two junior male marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and huggi
caracas beating a man from the u.s.? a tease that may not make sense once we do a story. and a player from byu is tossed off the team for having pre marital sex with his girl friend? but is it worse if he is playing man to man? >> thanks, andy. >> did you decide what you are wearing to our special pancake meal. >> it is my special shirt. your face is a grade of dispair. >> i apologize for nothing. >> let's welcome our guest. go away. you know what her name is? brooke goldstein. you know what she does for a living? the founder of the children's rights institute. she is so hot that volcano flea from her when she is erupting. and his words are like soapy milk it is john philips, host of the john philips show. it is a fantastic station. and a floor is a bed he hasn't slept in yet. it is bill shultz. his teeth look clean today. and sitting in for bono, he is so manly even his by dosh dosh by -- biceps have biceps. and next to me, the legendary great actor. and his writers coast, good to see you, pinch. >> you never drink alone when you have the latest issue of the "new york times" with you. and
and somewhere else. i forget where. i suck. >> i should plug it probably. where are you? the continental u.s. >> when is your next column coming out? >> on friday. read it. be there. good stuff. >> crystal, you said you believe president obama is a socialist, why is that? >> i believe he is a socialist for the one reason no one else does. it is fundamentally uneconomic which i write about on my blog, crystal on-line .com. i will have to check that out. back to you, greg. >> back to me. you can go to
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)